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KTP is proud to be associated with Bali Sports Foundation. It is helping to create a healthier and safer East Indonesia through the power of sport and play.

BSF use sports as a tool for personal and physical development of disabled youth in Bali and other islands. It focuses on Disabled/Special Needs/Adaptive sports. BSF is running swimming programs for autistic, cerebral palsy, blind, deaf mute and amputee youth; blind judo and deaf mute self defense; amputee power-lifting and sit volleyball. Every year since 2010 BSF has taken a group of young Balinese boys to the SCC Soccer Sixes. In 2012 they sent martial arts students to the West Australia Karate Association. In January 2014, BSF they sent a wheelchair basketball team to Singapore. BSF try to teach their kids to be humble yet strong, disciplined, achieve their goals, show respect for all and lead a healthy lifestyle. With disabled persons, sports helps build self-esteem and gives great satisfaction in being part of a larger community. BSF is particularly focused on introducing Integrated Sports; sports played by both able and disabled, for example blind soccer and wheelchair basketball, so able bodied persons are able to appreciate what it’s like to live with disabilities and therefore engender a greater understanding and empathy.